"Perevodov" – is a net of translation agencies in Russian cities. We work since 2004. We provide services for individuals, as well as for companies.

Our services:

There are big and known companies among our clients, such as Apple, Skolkovo, Siberian international marathon, Gazpromneft, municipal administrations, ministries of cultural affairs and etc.

Location of the company in different cities allows us to keep service prices at low level. However, the quality level is quite high.

Working with extensive texts we use programs with translation memory, editor assists to translators, and in case of necessity help is provided by specialists from different subject areas (medical, oil and gas, judicial and etc.). We use all major programs for text composition and complete the translation with full conformance to the original.

The company pays much attention to social projects. The most important among them is - "Volunteers of Perevodov". Within the framework of this project translators-volunteers from the whole world complete free of charge translations from any foreign languages for charitable and social purposes. For 5 years we have lend the assistance for more than thousands of child patients.